I'm an artist, though not a very prolific one. I'm trying to get better at that. Mostly, I'm interested in myself, death, and humor. One can't take oneself too seriously. Art is something you can live without! If you're trapped in the woods, what, are you going to want to make a bunch of art? Hell no! You're going to fashion crude shelters and you'd better learn how to hunt, and quick! Art is the most useless thing in the world. You take a few months to paint an oil painting, and then what? It shows in a gallery, maybe, if you're good. People look at it, congratulate you on it, and then, if you're lucky enough to sell it, it sits on someone's wall until you both die. Then, it gets donated to a museum, and some poor conservator has to fix it, and it just sits there in the dark. Or it gets thrown in the trash. In the dumpster. And yet, you get addicted to the accolades, and pats on the back, so you keep making art, even though you'd probably much rather be in a pine bough Lean-To, sucking the yolk out of some quail eggs. Whatever.